® is the new brand name for a range of cellulose-based laminates, which are environmentally renewable, sustainable, biodegradable and compostable. It is a natural replacement for oil-based metalised polyester paperboard laminates used to make specialised and luxury gift packaging.

PortaBio® is manufactured and distributed globally under licence by API Laminates Ltd.

Why PortaBio®?

Shiny packaging helps promote the luxury and special values of a brand. Currently the market for shiny carton/paper-based packaging is dominated by plastic-based laminates, which are difficult to separate, recycle and recover (clean energy) without specialist equipment.

PortaBio® provides a unique solution to a packaging challenge, which will be welcomed by brands, retailers, governments and consumers.

PortaBio® contains Innovia's NatureFlexTM cellulose packaging film which has been fully tested and certified to the European composting standard EN13432:2000.