We thought we would share our PortaBuddies with you - click on their links below if you require any more information.

Alexir Ltd

These guys have an uncanny ability to sail rather close to the wind - on a sailing boat of course! Clever lot with a true passion and understanding for eco- and consumer-friendly carton packaging. One of the first FSC/PEFC certified carton plants in the UK and very innovative people with a passion for curves!

API Laminates Ltd

PortaBio® – New Wall-e DVD packaging is made from this new bio-laminate, so if you're into 'natural reflection' PortaBio®' is probably your evolutionary goal.

Brookes Batchellor LLP

Watch out for David – he always has a cunning plan.

CRP Print & Packaging Ltd

Boy these guys work (and play) hard. Eddie the MD is a terrible dancer, but rather good at negotiating ... a slow waltz! If you want to see what true British innovation is all about - go and meet these people and tour their state-of-the-art factories in a dreadful town famous for the Corby Trouser Press!

Dempson Crooke Packaging Ltd

The owner and MD, Jon sounds like Lloyd Grossman and wears cowboy boots - gets our vote for a thoroughly decent and mixed-up kind of man. What these guys don't know about 'green' paper bags is not worth printing!


Viking M.D. – hide your women!

MSO Cleland Ltd

Full of Irish charm – PortaDrink rocks.

Pro Carton International

Pro Carton looks after the collective interests of the international carton industry. It educates and informs people about the positive benefits of carton packaging. Richard does a rather fine job of representing everyone's interests in an unbiased, balanced and non-profit kind of way. Their website is well worth a visit for all sorts of interesting stuff.

Silkstream Ltd

Our website designer – if you like this website, check out Leigh’s others.

Welton Bibby & Baron Ltd

If you are looking for paper bags, like Costa Coffee – these are the people for you!