Winner:  Megan Bradford, age 6

2nd Place:  Arthur Brown, age 7

3rd Place:  Ina Kruger, age 6

4th Place:  Verity Angel, age 10

In July 2007, Ian gave a talk to the pupils of Heathcote School in Danbury, about reducing, recycling and reusing materials.

He emphasised to the children why plastic bags are not good for the environment; why managed forests are good and how they can help encourage people to be more aware of these important issues.

The children's responses to Ian's questions were lively and intelligent for their young age.  Feedback was positive from children, teachers and some parents.

Ian then set the task for the children to produce a poster on how they think they can make a difference to stop people endangering Earth and all its inhabitants.

The winner was Megan Bradford age 6; 2nd, Arthur Brown age 7; Ina Kruger age 6; and 4th, Verity Angel age 10.

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